Aftercare Terms

Key points we think you should know

Please also read full terms to ensure you understand the agreement.

– You need to remain signed up to our cover in order to benefit from the extension on your guarantee.

– You need to ensure you allow us to service your boiler annually or your guarantee would expire.

– Our guarantee does not cover a replacement boiler, only parts and labor with a £0 excess.

– We do not cover accidental damage.

– We do not cover any appliances.

– We do not cover designer or cast iron radiators. A replacement will be made with a Stelrad Softline style radiator.

– We do not cover accidental damage,damaged caused due to the structure of your building or damage caused due to environmental and/or weather-related factors.

– You are unable to make a claim until 28 days have passed after signing up.

– For exclusions please read sections 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Full terms & conditions

  1. PRODUCT REQUIREMENTS HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD will provide breakdown cover for private domestic gas central heating and hot water systems subject to the level selected by the customer. 1.1. Service Plus 1.2 Complete Care
  1. PRODUCT REQUIREMENTS Remains valid until termination by HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD or the customer, 28 days notice in writing is required for any cancellation by either side. In writing also applies to email correspondence, to which the customer can email
  1. COVER PLAN AND PAYMENT 4.1. Payment should be made by a payment method offered by HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD Ltd. 4.2. The Cover plan remains valid as long as payment is continued and remains subject to termination by appropriate notice from HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD or the customer (see condition 3). 4.3. The Acceptance of a Complete Cover by a new customer onto an HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD cover plan does not imply that the system is installed to the relevant standards and HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD will not accept any responsibility for any inadequacy arising from the original design or installation, and so makes no warranty as to fitness for purpose or condition. If a system is incorrectly installed or unfit for use HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD reserves the right to terminate your contract. 4.4. A cover plan is specific to the boiler installed in the property at the commencement of the Plan. Should the boiler be changed during the term of the contract, HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD  must be informed immediately in  writing. 4.5. HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD reserve the right to terminate any cover plan, in this instance, without reimbursement of payment. Should a breakdown / repair / service be required on a boiler that has been changed since the commencement of the Plan without notification to HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD, HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD  reserves the right to charge for any call-outs at HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD standard rates. 4.6. HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD shall not be liable to fulfil its obligations under your cover plan if subject to industrial dispute or Force Majeure. 4.7. HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD may not be held responsible for any delay in provision of spare parts by suppliers and thus no compensation is payable should this occur. 4.8. HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD may supply and fit replacement parts and components which are adequate but not the same as defective parts. 4.9. Change of Ownership of Dwelling if ownership of dwelling changes the new owner of the dwelling shall retain the benefit of a cover plan so long as payments due are maintained. Refunds will not be available however for the unexpired part of cover plan term.

REPLACEMENT PARTS AND COMPONENTS Will only be fitted where old ones are beyond reasonable repair. HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD will be the sole arbiter as to the condition of components.This also relates to radiators which will only be replaced should HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD deem unfit for use and in need of replacement.

  1. NOISY BOILERS 5.1. As boilers become older, for various reasons they may become noisy. Where age is the sole reason for noise HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD do not consider this a fault and it is not covered under the cover plan. 5.2. A charge will be made for any recurring callouts relating to noisy systems, chargeable at HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD current standard & weekend rates.
  1. ACCESS HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD shall not be responsible for any repairs to which reasonable access cannot be gained and shall not be responsible for replacing floorboards,cupboards, carpets and decorations etc. which may require removal for access.
  1. BOILER SERVICING 7.1. The service will usually be carried out Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD will not be obliged to carry out a service outside of this period as breakdown calls will be given priority. HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD will not be held responsible for missed appointments by the customer and reserve the right to charge a standard rate if an appointment is missed.
  1. EXCLUSION PERIOD There is a 28 day exclusion period for any call-outs starting from the initial sign up date. If a customer renews before the expiry of the cover plan, the exclusion period does not apply after the first year of cover.
  1. STANDARD EXCLUSIONS 9.1 HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD will not be held responsible for consequential damage or loss occurring as a result of a defect in the central heating system unless attributable to the negligence of HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD. 9.2 If attributable to the negligence of HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD, notification must be given in writing with full details within fourteen days of the incident. 9.3. Any damage due to the failure of water, gas or electricity supply. 9.4. Any work including de-scaling that may arise due to hard water scale deposits or aggressive water supply. 9.5. Mechanical breakdowns due to sludge build-up within the system. Removal of products of corrosion from within the system. 9.6. Should the heat exchanger or heat bank fail, this will deem the boiler to be beyond economical repair. 9.7. Any damage or defect caused by lightning, explosion, flood, storm, tempest, fire, impact or other extraneous causes. Any defect caused through negligence, misuse, third party interference or malicious or wilful actions. 9.8. Any adjustment of time and temperature controls, bleeding radiators or pressurising sealed systems and relighting pilot lights. 9.9. The fabric of the building and any pipework including flues buried in it. 9.10. Any building work for the investigation of faults and/or following repair. 9.11. Any faults present at the time of signing up as a member. Any call-outs deemed to have been pre-existing to the commencement date of the cover plan and within the first three months of the cover plan will not be covered and may incur a charge for the call-out and any parts required, at the current HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD rates, variable to the day and time of the call-out. 9.12. Replacement of flues. The replacement of decorative parts. Consumables (e.g.. batteries, filters, seals, gaskets, inhibitor, fuses, oil nozzles and igniter’s). 9.13. Heating appliances such as kick space heaters, fan assisted radiators, towel rails, designer radiators e.g. column radiators, school radiators, dual fuel kits, immersion heaters, primatic cylinders, custom made cylinders, unvented cylinders and thermal stores, underfloor heating systems and/or specialist heating. Radiants and glass fronts on back boiler fires. 9.14. Cylinders with a volume greater than 40 gallons or 182 litres and boilers with a heat output greater than 42 kilowatts and pipework greater than 28mm diameter. 9.15. Removing asbestos associated with repairing the central heating appliance/system. When you have had any asbestos removed, you must give us a clean-air certificate before we will do any further work at your property. By Law, the person who removes the asbestos must give you a clean-air certificate. 9.16. Commencing and/or continuing services where we reasonably consider that there is a Health and Safety risk including; the presence of hazardous materials; infestations; or harassment of our personnel including verbal or physical abuse. We will not recommence work until the Health and Safety risk has been rectified to our satisfaction. 9.17. Domestic water supply from the hot water cylinder or boiler outlet to and including taps and washers. 9.18. Any and all electrical work relating to the boiler installation.
  1. EXCLUSIONS RELATING TO PLUMBING PIPEWORK 10.1 Plumbing appliances including toilets, sinks as well as showers and their parts, shower pumps, sanitary ware, spa baths, seals and grouting. 10.2 Any parts that are designed to boost your mains water pressure. 10.3 Water softeners, water filters and waste disposal units and taps that deliver, boiling or filtered water. 10.4 Swimming pools, fountains, ponds or water features, garden irrigation systems, free standing garden taps and the water pipes running to or from them. 10.5 Rainwater pipes and guttering. 10.5 Frozen pipes that need defrosting and other issues relating to weather. 10.6 Any water supply pipe that doesn’t supply your home. 10.7 Water meters 10.8 Damage caused by limescale, sludge or external debris. 10.9 Plumbing in your outbuildings. 10.10 Accidental damage.
  1. EXCLUSIONS RELATING TO HEATING PIPEWORK 10.1 Fixing your showers, their parts and shower pumps, Repairing or replacing taps and all other appliances. 10.2 Any parts that are designed specifically for underfloor heating. 10.3 Repair or replacement of electrical elements in radiators. 10.4 Replacing your system inhibitor unless we’ve removed it. 10.5 Any part of your central heating which directly supplies a swimming pool. 10.6 Accidental damage.
  1. EXCLUSIONS RELATING TO RADIATORS 11.1 Accidental damage. 11.2 A replacement for a designer or cast iron radiator. (Our radiators provided will be of the Stelrad Softline range, these will not be based on a like for like replacement, we will cover up to £150 retail value per radiator) 11.5 Only one radiator can be replaced every 6 months.
  1. ADDITIONAL 2 YEAR GUARANTEE 13.1 This is only valid on boilers we have installed. 13.2 To benefit from this guarantee you must remain signed up to our Service Plus package or Complete Care package for the maximum duration of your original guarantee given by the manufacturer. 13.3 This does not cover a replacement boiler, only parts and labor relevant to repairing the boiler. 13.4 This is valid for 2 years after the expiry of your manufacturers guarantee so long as you remained signed up to the Service Plus or Complete Care package. 13.5 Missing payments. If the customer fails to provide HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD with a payment for more than 30 days may result in your guarantee being terminated with HEATFIX SCOTLAND LTD.